Vitamin D





Vitamin D deficiency can result in:

·       Heart or brain problems

·       Blood pressure issues

·       Joint problems

·       Weak bones

·       Mood swings or depression

·       Low blood sugar levels

·       Fatigue

·       A weakened immune system

·       Skin problems


Nine out of ten Americans/Australians are deficient in Vitamin D – also known as the sunshine vitamin.  Heaps of people spend plenty of time in the sun and are still lacking in this vital inflammation fighter.


This is dangerous as inflammation is a major cause of heart and brain problems – HBP, joint inflammation and bone loss as well as digestive problems and blood sugar imbalances just to name a few. 


The body cannot function in a proper fashion without sunlight.  Everything God created is dependent on sun for life.  Man’s best source of vitamin D is sunlight.


Most of us know that vitamin D builds strong and healthy bones.  But it is also essential for all-around good health and well-being.  Without vitamin D, cells cannot perform their functions and the brain cannot fully develop.


Most medical doctors believe that most skin cancers are the result of too much exposure to UBV rays from the sun.  They have launched a campaign to help people by using creams that are now under fire for “causing problems” instead of helping prevent cancer.  Cases of melanoma actually rose in significant numbers.  Research has revealed that the sun’s UVA rays, which were not blocked by most sun blocks, were just as carcinogenic as UVB rays.


Dr. Blaylock says, “when sun strikes our skin, the penetrating UVB rays trigger biochemical reactions in the deeper cells that generate huge amounts of vitamin D.  So by making people vitamin D deficient with their medical wisdom to avoid sun exposure, they inadvertently increased people’s risk of developing all forms of skin cancer, including the deadly malignant melanoma.”


He goes on….”vitamin D plays a role in reducing major medical problems, including heart disease, cancer, and osteoporosis.  Medical experts have long known that vitamin D is essential for promoting calcium absorption in the intestinal tract and helping build strong bones….”


So what is Vitamin D???

It is a very complex substance.  Foods contain very little vit. D and the body’s major source is from that which is manufactured in the deeper layers of the skin from sunlight.  The UVB wavelength from sunlight activates 7-dehydrocholesterol (7-DHC), transforming it into a precursor form of vit. D-3.  It is then changed from active D-3 and enters the blood stream and is distributed all over the body.


When you do get vit. D from foods, it is metabolized in the liver and kidneys to form the active vit.D. (NOTE: many of the commercial supplements you buy are not in “active” form – be sure if you do buy, it is a vitamin D-3!!)


Most people knew vitamin D was essential for bones but it is much more than that.  It also:

·       Regulates calcium in all cells, especially brain cells

·       Protects the immune system

·       Regulates cell growth and cell death

·       Provides antioxidant and antiviral benefits




Recent research has shown that Vitamin D is a neurohormone and plays a number of roles for the brain.  All the cells in the brain have vit D-3 receptors, both in the nucleus and on their membranes.  These receptors play a significant role in brain development while a baby is in the uterus and after it is born. This critical vitamin controls how the brain develops. 


It has been found that vit.D-3 helps protect the brain.  It is a powerful antioxidant.  It can reduce harmful levels of nitric oxide, which can form a brain-destroying free radical called peroxynitrite.  This radical is found is high levels in the brains of people that have Alzeheimers and other degenerative diseases of aging.




Our brain undergoes the most rapid complex formation in the last trimester of pregnancy and the first two years of life.   The most noticeable problem shows up in the high number of brain cells, in excess, which is characteristic of autistic brains.  Further connections to autism include a state of hypersensitivity that causes the brains of babies whose mothers are deficient in vit D-3 to be over sensitive to the harmful effects of multiple vaccinations and infections.


On todays level of recommendations, children receive some 36 vaccines by the age of 2, a period when the brain is most sensitive to such injury.  A vit D-3 deficiency makes their brains more susceptible to damage.  The brain’s immune cell is called the microglia and it contains a number of vit.D-3 receptors.  Recent studies have indicated these receptors play an important role in reducing damage triggered by vaccines and other toxins such as mercury.  And it is now known that there has been found prolonged microglial activation in the brains of autistic individuals lasting from age 3 to 45 years. 


A number of factors can trigger immunoexcitotoxicity in the brain:

·       Mercury (also in vaccines)

·       Aluminum, show in repeated vaccines in a close space of time

·       Recurrent infections


All these are associated with autism




As we age, so does our brain.  Many diseases such as Alzheimers and Parkinsons show high levels of brain inflammation.  Vit.D-3 deficiency is very common in the elderly.  Many are house-bound and avoid sun exposure.  Many also have GI problems that interfere with vitamin D absorption. 

Recent studies have shown that the use of “active” vit D-3 can help protect the memory cells.




Many studies have shown that Alzheimers disease is another brain inflammatory disorder, characterized by the following:

·       Intense inflammation

·       Microglial activation

·       Free-radical generation


A number of things cause this inflammation, many are present in all cases:

·       Elevated brain mercury (mercury is found in most flu shots)

·       Elevated brain aluminum (found in most flu shots – a person over 50 years of age who receives a flu shot 5 consecutive years, increases their potential for Alzheimers by 1,000 percent.)

·       Chronic viral infections

·       Head injury

·       Repeated small strokes

·       Exposure to certain pesticides and herbicides


All these trigger immunoexcitotocity, which is made worse if a person is vit D-3 deficient. 




Parkinsons is another disease of aging that is strongly related to brain inflammation but different parts of the brain are involved than in Alzheimers.  The primary site is the substantia nigra, a part of the brain perched high on the brain stem,  and the locus coeruleus, located on the lower brain stem.


Vaccinations can dramatically increase one’s sensitivity to these brain poisons, and deficiencies in vit D-3 can cause poisons such as pesticides and herbicides to have the same sensitizing effects.  Some studies in Japan have shown that if given high dozes of vit D-3 before exposure it protected the neurons from damage.





People’s moods change with the seasons.  We are more often depressed and anxious during winter months and less so during summer.  There are somewhat normal but there are extreme degrees of this and is associated with conditions such as:

·       Carbohydrate cravings

·       Daytime sleepiness

·       Lack of energy

·       Severe depression


Most research has found that the lack of sunlight (or Vit D-3 )

Is related to this.  Again this is related to brain activity and cells dying, full of disease or damage.




Vitamin D-3 plays a major role as a powerful regulator of cell reproduction, therefore helping to prevent cancers and controlling the growth of existing cancers.  Higher doses of Vit D-s have been shown to slow cancer growth by inhibiting the reproduction. It stimulates the growth of immature cells into a mature state more quickly – the studies showing this have been a great encouragement to cancer doctors.


So far the greatest effect has been seen with the deadly glioblastoma multiforma, the most common primary brain tumor. Studies on this form of cancer has shown that high doses of Vit D-3 cause these cancerous cells to commit suicide. 


One of the key triggers for cancers is the generation of free radicals.  This trigger is secondary to chronic inflammation.  Iron accumulation plays a major role in cancer development and its growth and spread.  Vitamin D-3 has been shown to be a powerful antioxidant and to dramatically reduce iron-induced free-radical generation.




There are over 80 known autoimmune diseases that affect people, mostly women.  There is growing evidence that the incidence of these disorders has increased dramatically over the past 30 years, most likely because of the great number of vaccines being given.  The tetanus, HepB, MMR and DPT vaccine have been the worse offenders, but newer vaccines may be worse.  Over 150 vaccines are now being proposed for people during their lifetime.


One of these clues to many of these, such as MS, irritable bowel disease, rheumatoid arthritis and insulin dependent diabetes, is that all of these disorders are more common in the higher latitudes, and they get worse during winter and spring.  Why in spring??  Because there is a two-month lag before the effect of rising vit.D-2 levels take hold.


Research has shown that there is a definite correlation between sunlight exposure and the worsening of MS symptoms.   In one of the largest studies of its kind involving 187,000 people who were followed from 10 to 20 years, there was found a 40% reduction in MS I those with the highest levels of Vit D-3.  Most of the vit. D-3 came from supplements.  Another study of 29,000 women found a strong correlation between Vit D-3 blood levels and a reduced incidence of rheumatoid arthritis. We also know that vit D-3 deficiency is common in Crohn’s disease and insulin-dependent diabetes.




Dr. Malkmus says, “A friend sent me a paper that discusses the work of Dr. R. Edgar Hope-Simpson, the self-educated epidemiologist who discovered the cause of shingles.  He turned his incredible skills to observations concerning sunlight exposure and the flu epidemics.  He discovered that latitudes determine the flu epidemics, just as we saw with MS.”


The elderly are more severely affected by the flu because they have lower vit D-3 levels and cannot make as much vitD-3 in their skin as younger people.  Norwegians have less sun exposure than any other Europeans, yet have lower epidemics and lower morality – they have a high rate of fish oil in their diet which is high in Vit D-3.




Recent reviews by health “experts” have revised the recommended doses for vitamin D from 400 IU to 2,000 IU a day, a dramatic five-fold increase.  This means that people have been in danger of contracting a number of serious diseases, many deadly, for over a century.


A dose of 800 IU a day has no effect on bone fracture reduction, but 2,000IU a day produces a profound reduction.  At 4,000 IU a day, there is no reported hypercalciuria (a condition that causes kidney stones), a previous fear of the experts.  Daily doses of 10,000 IU or less have been shown to product no complications.


For daily maintenance in otherwise healthy people, 2,000 IU a day appears to be adequate.  For those with autoimmune diseases, cancer, or viral illnesses, higher doses may be needed – doses as high as 5,000 IU a day.



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